Dog ShopEdit

Dogs shops are available by obtaining a certain amount of gold medals, and can be found on the map.

There are four shops, each in a different section of the map requiring:

2, 12, 22, and 32 gold medals to unlock.

2 medalsEdit

The shop for 2 contains 3 dogs 2 of which cost 10000 coins, and one which costs 100 cash.

The ones for 10,000 coins offer you either:
15%chance for 1000 coins and/or a lucky card
15% chance for 15 stars and/or a lucky card
The one for a 100 cash offers you
15% chance for 10 energy and/or a lucky card

12 medalsEdit

for the dogs that can be bought here

22 medalsEdit

for the dogs that can be bought here

32 medalsEdit

for the dogs that can be bought here

Dog KennelEdit

On the menu that appears on the map screen there is a new icon where you can switch between your dogs and feed them. To switch between your dogs there is an arrow icon on either side of the currently displayed dog. Each dog can be fed one of several things. Some are free and some cost cash. The free ones have timers while the one that costs cash doesn't. Whatever you feed the dog will increase its meter which eventually will fill up a new heart or level which will increase the percentage that the dogs skills will kick in at the end of crime scenes.

Bones : Free, 5 minutes timer, 1 point.

Fish : Free, 4 hours timer, 5 points.

Poultry : Free, 12 hours timer, 10 points.

Ham : 10 Cash, no timer, 10 points

Leveling upEdit

Each dog has 5 levels of "loyalty".

To pass from level 1 to level 2, you need to feed it 30 points. Level 2 to Level 3 needs 120 points. Level 3 to Level 4 needs 360 points and finally Level 4 to Level 5 needs 720 points.

The dog will "evolve" (picture changes) from Young (levels 1-2) to Mid-Age (levels 3-4) and to Adult (level 5).